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Our Story

Werner Pretorius started We Think Software Solutions (WTSS) in 2010 after seeing the struggle of businesses making important decisions without full visibility of the performance and output of various companies’ warehouse operations. His answer was to develop a user-friendly and easily accessible warehouse management system.

Along the way, other gaps within the supply chain have been identified in container and transport management, leading to further development of two other management systems. Today, we have clients in 23 countries around the world, 21 of which are in Africa in various industries from third-party logistics providers, FMCG, telecommunications, manufacturing, agriculture and retail.

We want to be a globally recognised leader in software development that holistically supports the business and end-users. Our customers are the reason we are able to provide state-of-the-art cost-effective logistics systems and solutions that are continuously evolving and perfectly geared for the global market.

We understand that our current and future customers have various requirements across different industries and sectors, and therefore offer a flexible and customised approach to our solutions and implementation.

Our Products

Streamline Warehouse Management System WMS
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Xstream Transport Management System TMS
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Xstream Container Management System CMS
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Bondev Office Park
Corner of Willem Botha Drive and Wierda Road