Xstream TMS

Monitor every step of your transport process and exceed your customer expectations.

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Benefits of XStream TMS

Features of XStream TMS

Control your fleet

  • Get an up-to-date view of your vehicles in your fleet.
  • Keep tabs on repair and maintenance schedules for your vehicles.
  • Closely monitor fuel consumption costs.
  • Save time on bulk imports and exports for data cleaning, analytics and report sharing.
WTSS Control your fleet

Speed up transport operations

  • Spend less time on data entry by utilising the fleet Master file and tracking categories.
  • Reduce truck turnaround time with digital POD signing once delivery is completed.
  • Increase the accuracy of orders and delivery recordings with the barcode scanners.
  • Proactively manage your workflow according to Advance Shipment Notifications.
  • Use of Scanners and barcodes to ensure high accuracy and saving on time.

Know your status with your dashboards

  • Key measures are beautifully displayed in charts and graphs.
  • Track business performance across a wide range of standard business metrics.
  • Set goals and track performance.
  • Add metrics to your main dashboard so your favourite measures are right in front of you.
WTSS Know your numbers with reports

Understand your numbers with reports

  • Access reports when you need them for management, client and performance reporting.
  • Customise the reports that you use regularly.
  • Export reports into a PDF or a Spreadsheet with formatting and formulas kept intact.
  • Use performance dashboards to quickly identify key performance indicators.

Manage your staff and performance

  • Monitor user activity for a period of time.
  • Graphical presentation of metrics for performance management and reporting.
  • Keep ahead of operational performance by viewing any warehouse activity.
  • Easily access real-time data to support queries and analysis.
WTSS Manage your staff and performance

Service Offering of Streamline WMS

Xstream Transport Management System TMS
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  • Free implementation and training workshops for key users
  • Applications that are compatible with both Mac and Windows:
    • Web-based application for desktop and laptop users
    • Mobile application for Radio-frequency scanner users
  • Secure SSL encryption: Data and information security
  • 24/7 support: Our friendly and knowledgeable experts are always here for you.
  • Regular software updates and bug fixes
  • All 14 modules, including dashboards and operational reporting