As part of their ongoing journey to find new ways of serving their customers better, We Think Software Solutions constantly ask themselves “what else can we do to make our clients’ lives easier?”. This lies at the heart of what they do, and is the driving force behind the We Think Software Solutions brand. A couple of months ago We Think Software Solutions embarked on a very exciting journey to take a really good look at their brand and see how they can better represent their commitment to their customers. As part of this process of realigning the brand to match their core values, they have developed a new look and feel for the brand that will help to take them forward on their journey.

The brand needed a new contemporary feel that is also easily identifiable. To achieve this the logo, which is central to the new look and feel, was designed with cleaner lines and fresher colours. Three different blocks represent shipping containers, and these containers are also set up to create the shape of the “W” in We Think Software Solutions. The colours that were used also reflect a maritime feel and represent the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans to echo the brand’s global footprint.